Top three reasons for RACQ callouts (and running out of fuel isn’t one of them)

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) has revealed the top three reasons for calls to its Roadside Assistance.

Last year, it attended more than 600,000 roadside breakdowns across Queensland. Below, in reverse order, are the top three reasons for calls from motorists in need. Surprisingly, perhaps, running out of petrol isn’t among them.

Number three: accidental lockouts

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter says RACQ Roadside patrols had to rescue more than 34,000 people who had accidentally locked themselves out of their vehicle last year.

“If you find yourself in trouble, we’re ready to come to the rescue,” she added, reassuringly.

Number two: puncture or wheel change

Ms Hunter says this was the second most common reason for calls to RACQ Roadside Assistance.

“Drivers should check their tyres regularly,” she said. “Look for foreign objects in the rubber, make sure tread is in good condition and check the air pressure.

“As well as tyres, motorists should check their oil levels and have their car regularly serviced. These are really basic maintenance checks we should all be carrying out.”

Number one: flat battery

This was the top reason for motorists needing assistance in the past 12 months, Ms Hunter says. And the main reason will come as no surprise as the Aussie summer hits its stride.

“The biggest killer of batteries is heat,” Ms Hunter said. “And we experienced very high temperatures last year. It’s not surprising battery problems were the top reason for callouts in 2018.

“There are simple things you can do to avoid a flat. For example, not leaving lights on when the engine isn’t running and regularly checking your battery for wear. Feeling a sluggish start when you turn the key can be another telltale sign you may need a new battery.”

Back on the road

But whatever the reason you need the RACQ’s help, Ms Hunter stresses they’re ready for your call.

“We know our members want to get to their destination as quickly and safely as possible,” she said. “So we’re proud to say we can get 93 percent of people back on the road again straight away.”

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