The Harris Café Recovery Project

    A whopping five million Aussies say that they missed their local café more than pubs and clubs during the COVID-19 lockdown. However, 70% are worried that cafes will never be the same as they were pre-COVID.

    This information comes from a new report commissioned by Australian coffee roaster Harris Coffee. Harris has revealed a first-of-its-kind initiative to help keep Australia’s café culture alive and support cafes on the road to recovery.

    Café owners around Australia are invited to apply for the Harris Café Recovery Project, with up to 25 café owners eligible to receive a share of the $1 million stimulus package.

    “Between the bushfires and COVID-19, café’s across Australia have been hit hard in recent months,” says Head of Harris Coffee, David Ansell.

    “It has become clear how important cafes are to Australians and their communities. As an Australian coffee roaster, we felt like we needed to do our bit to get cafes back on their feet and help keep doors open, returning them to being an integral part of their local area.”

    Harris is encouraging Aussies to support their local café by buying a coffee, and if your local is doing it tough to encourage them to apply for the Harris Café Recovery Project.

    The Harris Café Report conducted by YouGov Galaxy surveyed 1000 Australian café-goers and small business owners, to uncover attitudes towards Australia’s café culture and owners’ fears and hopes in a post COVID-19 world.

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