Sustainability marketing strategies to deliver impact

By The 6AM Agency founder and CEO Gillian Fish.

As the climate change disaster continues to deepen and social inequity is brought to the fore, business practice across all sectors is under the spotlight with demands for immediate change by both consumers and employees alike. An absolute focus on sustainability in business focused on both people and planet is a business imperative.

Driven by gutsy entrepreneurs disrupting traditional business with brands that show up authentically as doing good for people and planet, the winds of change are sweeping through C-suite from small startups to big global corporates who are being challenged daily to lean in swiftly to 100 per cent sustainable business practice.

What is business sustainability and how does it impact you?

The World Economic Forum defines business sustainability as “smart businesses maximising sustainability practices in terms of the environment, economic development, human rights, women’s empowerment and the rule of law to minimise the negative impact their core business has on the people, planet and economies of the places they operate”.

Read about sustainability and marketing: seven global trends in the August issue of Convenience World.

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