Reflections on 2018: BP Australia

How did 2018 shape up for the P&C industry? Convenience World asked key figures to reflect on the past year. This week: BP Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Brooke Miller (right).

Our ambition remains to transform convenience retailing in Australia and in 2018 we introduced a number of key innovations into the marketplace.

We were very proud to open our new flagship site, BP Kingsway in Melbourne. We’ve incorporated a number of convenience innovations into the store, including an express lane for customers who want some time back in their day, a premium food-to-go offer, an expanded food-for-later offer and the addition of nitro coffee, which underpins our reputation for having great coffee on the go.

In 2017 BPme provided a digital gateway for BP to be able to interact with our customers. Over 2018, the number of customers using BPme for a faster refuelling and payment experience continued to grow, with the app available for fuel purchases at more than 700 BP sites. We’re continuing to build on our digital innovations and are excited about what lies ahead in this space for 2019 and beyond.

The enthusiasm from consumers for high-quality diesel products has resulted in continuing growth in the uptake of BP Ultimate Diesel. Diesel is becoming increasingly popular and this can be seen with the highest-selling and second-highest-selling vehicles in Australia in 2018 both being diesel options.

As always, we’re delighted about the innovation and reinvestment across our network of partners, dealers and distributors. These relationships help us to deliver our products and innovative offers across the country and will continue to in 2019.

BP has a proud history of operations in Australia and this year we’ll be celebrating our centenary. We remain committed to opportunities to invest in our business here and to building on our 100 years of operating in this great country.

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