Refill your coffee addiction at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven’s nationwide 28-day free coffee initiative aims to encourage the reduction of single-use cups by incentivising coffee lovers to commit to reusable cups. The initiative launched August 6 and runs until September 2.

“At 7-Eleven, we’re proud of our efforts in revolutionising the recycling of single use paper cups in Australia,” 7-Eleven Chief Executive Officer Angus McKay said.

“A great alternative to single cups is bringing your own reusable cup. Less than one per cent of 7-Eleven coffee customers are currently bringing reusable cups, and we’d like that number to increase.”

Simply Cups

7-Eleven partnered with ‘Simply Cups’ in 2018, launching a recycling revolution – the aim was to rescue 70m takeaway cups from landfill.

Reportedly, over the past 12 months more than 1.6m cups were collected through 7-Eleven recycling units.

Free coffee initiative

Enjoy a free cup of coffee at one of Australia’s largest coffee retailers by bringing in a reusable coffee cup, a favourite mug or by purchasing a 7-Eleven rCup at 7-Eleven stores Australia-wide from now until September 2, 2019.

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