Potato chips and corn chips, the chosen ones

    Mums and dads are purchasing potato chips and corn chips every 2 to 4 weeks, for their children under the age of 18.

    New snack food and confectionery data from Roy Morgan shows that potato chips and corn chips are the favoured snack foods for parents to buy.

    Following suit of favoured snacks comes savoury biscuits and crackers, chocolate blocks, chocolate bars, and lollies and sweets.

    The salty stats

    The group with the highest proportion of potato chip and corn chip buyers was parents with children aged 12-17, with 64% purchasing these snacks in an average four weeks, and 27% buying these more than three times a week. This group also led the savoury biscuits and crackers category, with 51%.

    Chocolate blocks are most frequently bought by parents of children aged 6-11 (43%), as are chocolate bars (39%).

    Parents of children aged 0-5, led the lollies and sweets category (34%).

    “Resisting snack foods at the supermarket is difficult enough at the best of times but given that many children have been accompanying parents during recent shopping trips, it’s likely households are well-stocked with snacks,” says CEO of Roy Morgan, Michele Levine.

    “A higher proportion of parents purchase snack food compared with the Australian population, but as we see, the proportions differ depending on the age of the children. Parents of teenagers are the largest chip and biscuit buyers, parents of primary school-aged children top both categories of chocolate snacks, and parents of toddlers head for the lollies aisle.”

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