Paradox Coffee Roasters showcases new origin coffee each month

Paradox Coffee Roasters’ new Single Origin Limited Edition series is curated by Head Roaster Paul Golding.

Every month a new premium origin coffee is showcased. These are said to be sourced from a select farm that uses an innovative processing method to deliver bold flavours in the cup.

Following the success of the Colombia Purple Caturra Passionfruit Origin Coffee featured last month, is the new Colombia Sebastian Gomez Carbonic Maceration Pink Bourbon Origin Coffee. According to Mr Golding, he has selected Colombia’s champion coffee varietal, the Pink Bourbon, described as “a rare, low yielding, special natural hybrid” of a Red and Yellow Bourbon, cultivated by Sebastian Gomez at Finca La Divisa.

“It was during a recent tasting that this microlot gained my immediate attention being a rare varietal that has undergone an experimental processing method,” says Mr Golding.

“Pink Bourbon has been my favourite coffee variety since my first encounter in Colombia some years ago.

“The Carbonic Maceration processing method used is ideal to extract the beauty of this amazing coffee.”

He adds: “The innovative Carbonic Maceration fermentation process used by Sebastian Gomez is where the coffee cherries are placed inside sealed tanks for 42 hours and carbon dioxide is added to drive out the oxygen. This anaerobic fermentation is known for the incredible and unique flavours it can produce.”

Roasted by Mr Golding at Paradox’s Sydney roastery, the Colombia Sebastian Gomez Carbonic Maceration Pink Bourbon Origin Coffee is available in a 200g bag and is said to be “best enjoyed” as a filter coffee, delivering “delicate fruit and floral tasting notes” of pomegranate, rosewater and white chocolate.

In addition to this Limited Release, Paradox is also offering during the month of May a “silky and smooth” Ethiopia Beloya Special Natural filter roast, along with a “smooth and fruity” Brazil Pedra Batista Natural espresso roast available in 200g and 1kg bags.

Paradox’s Single Origin Limited Release and monthly single origin coffees are available online at Wholesale cafes can receive their free single origin sample pack by joining the Paradox Single Origin Collective.

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