Packaged snacks popular among Aussie adults

    New research from Roy Morgan reveals that nearly 90% of Australian adults consume packaged snack food in an average week.

    The most popular packaged items are:

    • Savoury snacks (66%)
    • Healthy snacks (54.7%)
    • Chocolates (48.1%)
    • Yoghurt (44.8%)
    • Sweet biscuits (41.2%)
    • Ice cream (39.0%)
    • Lollies or gum (30.2%)
    • Dips (22.4%)
    • Frozen/Dairy desserts (11.5%).

    The biggest increase is in the healthy snack category, which includes items such as muesli bars, breakfast bars and rice crackers.

    However the largest decline over the past decade has been in the sweet biscuit category, which includes treats such as chocolate and cream filled biscuits, as well as large cookies.

    The snack survey

    The data from Roy Morgan Single Source survey, occurred via face-to-face interview with over 1,000 Australians each week in their homes.

    Scale of snacking

    28% of Australians 14+ fall into the ‘heavy’ category, eating seven or more items in an average week.

    Those who consume packaged snacks 4-6 times a week, account for 34.5% of Australians, while those who consume packaged snacks 1-3 times a week, account for 26% of the population.

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