Oreo lets Aussies ‘Oreo-fy’ themselves in world first

    This week saw Oreo launch ‘Oreo Yo’Self’, an innovative campaign that allowed consumers to create an avatar of themselves.

    Oreo describes the campaign, which used “innovative personalisation technology”, as a world first.

    Supersize you

    On Tuesday June 4, 2,000 consumers had the chance to create an avatar of themselves in Oreo crème, watch it printed live on a super-sized Oreo, then get it sent to them free of charge.

    Consumers were able to choose from a range of features to Oreo-fy themselves. These included hair style and colour, eye style and colour, and accessories.

    Oreo used a custom-built printer and bespoke software to print the cookies, along with 12 pneumatic-air-controlled syringes.

    ‘Playful connection’

    Oreo Marketing Manager Stephanie Nilson says the company wanted to find a fun way to put the customer first.

    “We’re passionate about sparking moments of playful connection,” she said. “The goal of the campaign is to offer a fun and unique personalisation experience that puts consumers in the driver’s seat by using cutting-edge technology.”

    Oreo promoted the campaign across social, media partnerships, public relations, influencer marketing, and out-of-home media.

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