Optimo and Black Swan partner to deliver key FMCG data

    Media Release

    14 May, 2020

    Optimo Designs wins exclusive rights to deliver market-leading FMCG data and insights from the COVID-19 crisis

    Optimo Designs (Optimo), a leading Australian brand and creative agency, has been granted exclusive rights to a world-leading technology platform that will deliver data and insights from the COVID-19 crisis.

    Optimo is partnering with Black Swan Data, a London-based global technology and science company, which is at the forefront of using Artificial Intelligence to unlock real time discussions within social, review and blogging platforms. It can then accurately predict the future needs and wants of consumers. Optimo already conducts extensive customer and consumer research within the Snacking and Non-Alcoholic Beverages categories.

    Updated every two-week, Black Swan Data reports the impact of COVID-19 on the Snacking and Non-Alcoholic Beverages categories. By analysing millions of real-time conversations, brands receive a unique insight into the immediate conversations and preferences of Australian consumers.

    The report provides regular insights into category-specific trends and the changing consumer sentiment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the report is to better inform brands of immediate trends and opportunities for growth as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

    Chelsea Parkinson, Managing Director of Optimo Designs said: “This campaign is about giving marketers real data and insights into consumer behaviour in the snacking and non-alcoholic beverages categories as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.

    “We are combining Optimo’s expertise in these categories with Black Swan’s state-of- the-art data and insights derived from millions of real-time online consumer conversations.”

    Steve King, Black Swan Data’s CEO said: “Brands are not short of conjecture and opinion about the impact on consumers of COVID-19, but what they need is data. In this artificial environment there is a temptation to react to what feels like a trend, identified using tools like social listening or traditional research, only to discover it was a passing fad. It is crucial therefore to identify the trends and cultural drivers that will emerge, grow and sustain as COVID-19 plays out in a more sophisticated way. Surfacing these requires structured scientific analysis, using the tools and techniques of Social Prediction and crucially a robust time-series dataset.”

    The report package consists of six reports over 12 weeks. A typical two-week period will cover up to 70 million conversations and will detail the exact number of conversations monitored during that period. The social media platforms observed include Twitter, Reddit, news sites, product reviews, forums and blog comments. The unique proprietary Artificial Intelligence tools are used to scrutinize, clean and enrich all conversations to ensure the underlying data is relevant and robust.

    Global trends from the US and European markets will also be available to Australian brands.

    Source: Optimo Designs.

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