Opportunities with supercharged socialising

As lockdowns lift and restrictions ease, we can expect an even busier summer entertaining season.

Norrelle Goldring.

By Norrelle Goldring.

The summer months are traditionally the biggest for socialising and entertaining, and the season this year looks set to be particularly interesting in this regard. Many people from locked down states and territories, newly released, will be desperate to see friends and family in their homes and outdoors, and visit restaurants and pubs. Others may hold back a little.

If numbers for social gatherings remain restricted, we may see fewer people per gathering but more frequent gatherings, as working from home provides socialising flexibility beyond the weekends.

Overall, however, I would expect a bonanza of entertaining and socialising, especially outdoors. Cheese and crackers have already attracted steadily rising demand through the pandemic (primarily due to increased snacking) and this is likely to continue through the summer.

Opportunities to increase average weight of purchase (AWOP) include not only cheeseboard platter multiple-SKU products but also multibuy offers. Dips are similar, with their popularity already rising as picnic gatherings were revived and thrived in October.

As we collectively move from ‘big night in’ to ‘big day out’, cross-category picnic and occasion bundles also offer opportunities, potentially even with a hamper thrown in, featuring various entertaining and picnic items, such as the obvious cheese, crackers, dips, salty snacks and antipasto products, but also beverages ranging from soft drinks and mineral water to non-alcoholic wine and beer, as well as (recyclable) paper plates, napkins and picnicware.

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