Mr Lee’s Noodles arrive Down Under

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co gourmet instant noodles have made their retail debut Down Under, with ranging in Woolworths supermarkets and Metro stores.

Mr Lee’s says the “no-nasties” noodle cups contain premium, freeze-dried ingredients, which lock in most of the nutritional values, and together with the carefully balanced seasoning are rendering the food lower in calories, salt, sugars and saturated fats than similar products, without compromising on taste.

“Perfect for the busy parent or time-poor professional, our noodles are ideal for anyone looking for a healthier way to eat, without giving up on taste or convenience,” founder and CEO Damien Lee said.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure each and every cup contains a restaurant-calibre dish, authentic in taste and texture (in relation to) the oriental cuisine you’d expect from any top noodle bar.”

Mr Lee’s initially launched the noodle range in the travel and accommodation sector in the UK, before expanding to other markets. The range first reached the Australian market via a prominent local airline six months ago, and demand has quickly grown, the brand says.

“We didn’t expect just how much of a need there was for healthier instant noodles (especially the vegan option), of which the feedback and press has been simply incredible,” Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Australia Director Greg Longhurst said.

“We’re bringing the next level of instant noodle to the people of Australia, and can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

The range, which has an RRP of $4 per pot, comprises Hong Kong Street Beef, Coconut Chicken Laksa, Tai Chi Chicken (gluten free) and Zen Garden Vegetables (vegan and gluten free).

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