MPs throw their weight behind Dunsborough’s battle with Puma

Politicians from across the political spectrum have joined together to ask Puma Energy to rethink its plans for putting a petrol station in the middle of Dunsborough, WA.

In a letter to Puma Energy’s Swiss-based CEO Pierre Eladari, they have asked the company to listen to the wishes of the community. They call on the company to put its new petrol station in the light-industrial area (LIA) rather than within 300m of two other petrol stations in the centre of the busy tourist town.

The Green’s Diane Evers, The National’s Colin Holt and One Nation’s Colin Tincknell, all members of the legislative council representing the town, have each written to Pierre Eladari, pointing out that in a recent survey, more than 99 per cent of the community wanted the petrol station to be located in the LIA, rather than in the main street, saying the LIA site would be able to provide a higher level of service to the community. (The LIA site is adjacent to a new housing development where there are currently no petrol stations or convenience stores, and would have space for caravans and boats on trailers.) They also say the proposed site in the middle of town is on the corner of what the RAC lists as one of the riskiest intersections in rural WA.

The MPs conclude by pointing out that Puma Energy prides itself on listening to the community and they call on Mr Eladari to do that in Dunsborough.

An appeal to the state administrative tribunal’s decision, which allowed the development, is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court and a judgement is expected in the near future. Meanwhile, more than 2,000 residents and visitors to Dunsborough have signed a pledge to boycott the Puma petrol station if it goes ahead in the centre of town.

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