Keeping things smooth and fruity

    A fruity new range of jellies hits shelves this month: Fruit Smoothies.

    Described as having an “oddly satisfying texture that’s squishy and bouncy” the range includes an array of flavoursome fruit-smoothie-inspired jellies.

    The Natural Confectionery Co says it developed and perfected two specific flavour ranges, which are packed full of complementary fruity flavours, to create “the perfect range to be shared amongst families”.

    The Orchard Blast range features blackcurrant, apple peach, banana and strawberry flavoured jellies, and the Tropical Crush flavoured jelly range includes raspberry, mango, banana and pineapple.

    The Natural Confectionery Co has long fed the appetite amongst Australian consumers for products that have no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, and the Fruit Smoothie jellies are said to be no exception.

    Proudly Australian made, the range will initially launch in Coles, Big W and independent retailers.

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