Green light for NSW EV strategy

Electrical vehicle (EV) uptake in NSW is set to be boosted following the passing of the NSW Government’s EV Strategy through parliament.

The NSW Government has committed $490 million towards EVs, helping to cut taxes, provide $3,000 rebates and install ultra-fast EV chargers right across the state. 

Premier Dominic Perrottet says these incentives make NSW the best place in Australia to buy and drive an electric vehicle. 

“This is a comprehensive suite of measures, which ensures we have the right mix in place to boost the take-up of EVs and give people access to the latest technology,” says Mr Perrottet. 

“The strategy also starts us down the road of long-term tax reform as we embark on phasing out stamp duty on electric vehicles and making sure everyone who drives on our roads contributes to their funding and maintenance.” 

EV incentives

Drivers who have registered a new, eligible EV after 1 September 2021 can apply for a refund of the stamp duty and one of the 25,000 rebates worth $3,000. Applications will open on 1 November 2021. 

Also from 1 November, eligible EVs will be able to use Transit T2 and T3 lanes until at least 31 October 2022, making travelling in an EV even easier. 

EV revolution

Treasurer and Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean says the NSW EV Strategy is nation-leading and will ensure at least 50 per cent of new cars sales are EVs by 2030. 

“To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the majority of new cars sold in NSW need to be EVs by 2035,” says Mr Kean. 

“This is the beginning of an EV revolution in NSW, with more drivers set to benefit from lower taxes and $3,000 rebates on their next EV purchase.” 

A recent report from Zutobi found that NSW is the best area in Australia to own and drive an EV.

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