EzyMart exhibits the best of the best in convenience

EzyMart held its annual trade show on Tuesday at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney.

Attendees had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of the convenience retailer’s offering. This consisted of beverages, snacks, ice-cream, confectionery, coffee, telecommunications, and a range of the store equipment utilised by EzyMart.

Among the 85 exhibitors were brands such as Streets which shared its Violet Crumble Gaytime and an array of other new products; H2coco which showcased its new banana water, H2nana; and Tonik which displayed a beverage range claimed to be Australia’s first amino acid infused coconut water.

Several companies offered solutions for creating ‘theatre’ in-store. Melitta, for instance, showed off its out of home coffee machines, while f’real demonstrated the simplicity of its milkshake machines.

Other exhibitors included Nestlé, Patties, Stuart Alexander, San Pellegrino, Aus Confec, Peters, Coca-Cola, Mrs Mac’s, Lycamobile, SPC and Covau Energy.

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