Drivers wanted (and beyond Christmas)

ANC is already seeing an increase in deliveries and is prepared for almost a 50% increase around Australia over the next three months.

You guessed it, they will definitely need more drivers to meet these delivery expectations.

“ANC is growing, and we are looking for contractor drivers to grow with us,” says ANC’s Managing Director, James Taylor.

“A continuing rise in deliveries throughout 2020 and a number of new client partners using our last mile services means we currently need at least 250 new owner drivers to help meet the increased demand.

“And unlike some organisations, we’ll be keeping our drivers beyond the festive season.”

ANC experienced 58% growth in delivery numbers in September, in comparison to January.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in whitegoods, such as fridges and freezers, plus desks and chairs from our furniture clients due to more people working from home,” continues Mr Taylor.

“ANC specialises in the last mile customer experience. With more and more consumers purchasing online, our delivery professionals are the only human interaction they will have with their purchase, which means it has to be a great experience.”

ANC needs drivers who specifically have commercial vehicles such as utes, vans and trucks, it also offers a ‘try before you buy’ option.

This means drivers can rent a vehicle through agencies like Budget to experience what it’s like working with ANC as an owner driver.

“To be a delivery professional with ANC you need an excellent driving record plus experience in customer service,” says Mr Taylor.

Apply now via ANC’s ‘express’ portal at

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