Digital driver licences reach Sydney’s east

NSW’s trial of digital driver licences, first trialled in Dubbo, is rolling its way into Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

By this November, drivers in the 2022, 2024, 2026, 2031 and 2034 postcodes will be able to take part in the trial.

Minister for Finances, Services and Property Victor Dominello said, “Smartphones have become de facto wallets. We’re using cutting-edge technology so that drivers can use a digital licence in everyday scenarios.

“Feedback from citizens, police and industry has guided the design and development of the digital driver licence to meet government, industry and customer needs.

“An independent research company was commissioned to conduct the trial and report on its findings. I’m very pleased to report that, after an initial four months, the digital driver licence generated very high levels of satisfaction from participants in its convenience and ease of use, its likelihood of adoption and the likelihood of recommendation to others, with a Net Promoter Score of 83-plus.”

The government chose Dubbo, NSW, for a trial of the digital driver licence and digital photo card in November last year. Since then, 1400 people have tested the system in roadside police checks, pubs and liquor stores.

Role of convenience stores

Australasian Association of Convenience Stores CEO Jeff Rogut has already stressed the crucial role of convenience stores in the digital-licence revolution.

“It will be critical in the lead-up to the widespread introduction of digital driver licences for all stakeholders – consumers, retailers, motorists and others – to understand clearly how their digital licence will work,” he said earlier this year.

“As an industry, we need clear operational guidelines, so retailers can easily identify a genuine digital driver licence and what constitutes a falsified one.

“Any restrictions on the use of digital driver licences must also be made abundantly clear to avoid customer frustration and confusion for retailers.

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