Cup of kindness, the key to reconnecting

    Random acts of kindness may be the key to re-connecting communities.

    New research reveals nearly half (44%) of Aussies have witnessed more random acts of kindness than ever before in their local communities, over the past twelve months.

    Where are these random acts of kindness occurring you may ask? Local coffee cafés and shops.

    Campos Coffee Group finds that 3 in 4 Aussies are happy to shout someone a coffee, ‘just because’.

    More than a quarter have even done so, for a total stranger.

    It’s why today (17 February), on Random Acts of Kindness Day, Campos Cafés around the country are randomly giving away free coffees* for Aussies to use as a kind treat to themselves or someone else.

    “Over the past 19 years, Campos has grown into of the most-loved coffee brands in Australia, serving over 10 million Aussies a year,” says Campos Coffee Founder, Will Young.

    “Our success comes down to the kind support our café partners receive from their local communities and the many meaningful connections they forge there.

    “Randomly giving away 70,000 free coffees this Random Acts of Kindness Day is not only our Campos Café way of saying a big thank you, it’s also our ambition to continue fuelling this kindness and connection.

    “Ultimately our goal is to bring us all back together again after a year that’s felt overwhelmingly disconnected.”

    Connect with Campos Café viaé-finder.

    *Up to 70,000.

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