Coffee in a can lands down under

321 million cans of chilled coffee in a can are consumed in Japan every year.

Now Australians can enjoy it too from November 1, as Suntory Boss Coffee has just launched down under.

“We are incredibly excited to bring the iconic Suntory Boss Coffee to Australia,”  Frucor Suntory Inventions Manager Shana Khan said.

“We know Aussies love their coffee – in fact three quarters have at least one cup every day and one in four say they can’t survive the day without it [source: McCrindle Research].”

The new coffee comes in two flavours: Iced Long Black and Iced Latte Coffees.

Suntory Boss Coffee is made using the traditional Japanese flash-brew method. Coffee beans are brewed piping hot to release the rich aroma, then chilled in a ‘flash’ to lock in flavour.

“There’s no doubt that this unique and great tasting chilled coffee will attract the admiration of Australians, as it has the Japanese,” Ms Khan said.

Features of Suntory Boss Coffee:

  • Iced Long Black contains no dairy, no sugar, is keto friendly and five calories per can.
  • Ice Latte contains 6.3g sugar and 52 calories per can.
  • 135mg caffeine per 237ml – just shy of an average 150mg double shot.
  • Coffee delivered in a recyclable can.


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