Cheers to Australia’s best soft drink

    Aussie consumers have rated a range of beverages in Canstar Blue’s first national review.

    The beverage company to come out on top? Australian-owned, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks!

    John McLean, CEO of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

    The business was the only brand to receive a 5-star rating in the following categories: overall satisfaction, taste, and packaging design.

    “For the past 50 years we’ve been the underdog in a competitive industry and are proud to be formally recognised by fellow Australian’s as their ‘favourite soft drink’,” says CEO of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, John McLean.

    “Covid-19 has been a challenging period for everyone, and we’re appreciative of the supportive Australians have shown us. We hope this trend of Aussies supporting Aussies continues because it is critical, we all rally behind each other right now.”

    Aussies are continually showing their support for local and homegrown businesses – and this win, is another positive reflection of that.

    “All our recent research over the last 6 months shows Aussies have been looking for affordable indulgences,” continues Mr McLean.

    “For a lot of people in the country that’s been great-tasting comfort food, and our brews meet that need. Our commitment to brewing a premium Australian-made product has resonated with people across the country.

    “It’s important we celebrate what it means to be Australian and to us, that’s being reliable, honest and up for a good time.”

    See below for the list on soft drink rankings:

    1. Bundaberg
    2. Kirks
    3. Woolworths
    4. Coles
    5. Schweppes
    6. Pepsi
    7. Coca Cola
    8. Fanta
    9. Sunkist
    10. Solo
    11. Sprite

    Click here to view more information from Canstar Blue.

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