Califia Farms launches Oat Barista Blend

California-based Califia Farms has launched its new Oat Barista Blend in Australia.

According to the company, the Oat Barista Blend is made with whole rolled oats and is completely unsweetened (no added sugar) and has no gums.

To craft this new product, Califia Farms says it worked closely with the barista community to ensure that it exceeds expectations on both taste and function.

“In many ways, the global barista community leads cultural changes in coffee and milk consumption, and were early adopters to almond and soy milk and now oat milk,” Califia Farms founder and CEO Greg Steltenpohl said.

“Since our first production of almond milk in 2012 and carrying this success with many coconut-based offerings, Califia has been a leader in innovation by bringing diversified plant-based products to market that deliver on quality, taste, texture and performance.

“We are also committed to low-to-no sugar products, which is reflected in our new Oat Barista Blend which has no added sugar.”

A barista’s seal of approval 

 Demelza Jones, a well-known barista and founder of Same Cup says Califia Farms’ Oat Barista Blend is “incredibly creamy and smooth and compliments any espresso without dominating it”.

“It’s super easy to use and it textures and pours just like full cream dairy milk – plus, you can create lovely latte art,” he said.

“Baristas love to use it because it’s easy to work with and your customers will love to drink it because it’s so delicious.”

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