Ampol on track to rebrand network

    Ampol General Manager Merchandise Skye Jackson spoke to Convenience World about Ampol’s rebrand, the opening of the Ampol Woolworths Metro store in Sydney’s Northmead, consumer trends and challenges in the market.

    After announcing the return of Ampol in December 2019, the retailer opened its first two Ampol retail sites in August 2020. As of late July 2021, over 400 retail stores have been rebranded to Ampol, and the retailer is on track to rebrand its entire network of more than 1900 sites by the end of 2022.

    Consumer trends

    Consumer habits have changed since the onset of Covid-19, with an increase in the number of people working from home and various ‘snap lockdowns’ affecting areas across the country, says Ms Jackson.

    “One trend to come out of this is an increase in consumers purchasing larger pack sizes of product to store at home,” she said.

    “We’re monitoring this changed behaviour to ensure we have the right range and space dedicated to these products to best serve our customers,” she said.

    “Additionally, Uber Eats has been another way to cater to customers spending more time at home.”

    Read the exclusive interview in full in the July-August issue of Convenience World

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