A piping cup of sustainability

    One thing that has increased through the last couple of years, that has made me incredibly happy, is the enforcement and encouragement of sustainable practises.

    Better yet… sustainable practises in the coffee and café industry.

    Generations today care so much about preserving the planet that we live on, and are finding more and more ways to ensure that sustainability is achieved in years to come. However, in recent times the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a stir not only medically, financially and socially – but environmentally as well.

    In the May/June issue of Convenience World magazine I explored some of the concerns that have risen due to COVID-19 putting a halt on things like the ban of BYO coffee cups.

    While that ban created concerns, Managing Director of Haines Consulting Group and Board member of Rocket Seeder, Australia’s leading Accelerator Program for the Food and Beverage sector, Stuart Haines and Managing Director of Latitude Coffee, Henry Miller spilled the beans on some of the ways in which companies are still running forward with the sustainability trend.

    What is still being done? 

    “Jasper Coffee holds in stock Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin beans, blends, Fairtrade, Organic & Speciality Coffees,” explained Mr Haines. This enables buyers to have a large range to choose from when it comes to organic, and ethically responsible products.

    “Sustainability has always shaped how they (Jasper Coffee) do business. This has manifested in the Certifications of Organic, Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral, along with their search for Shade Grown coffees, the cleaning products they use, to the compostable packaging, and the economic and social benefits they direct to growers.”

    Mr Miller also added the ways in which he, and Latitude Coffee cover the areas that help produce sustainable coffee products.

    In terms of environmental, as previously mentioned, Latitude Coffee uses Husk as chicken litter, they also ensure “… hessian bags [are] used in farms and furniture, [we use] solar power to aid the grid with powering roasting equipment, our machines we endorse (Eversys) all with ‘green mode’ which is a lower power usage in quieter times, when heating water and/or milk”. 

    Henry Miller and Stuart Haines have made clear that there are projects in the works, to get sustainability and coffee back on the right track. 

    To find out more, click here to read the full story as seen in Convenience World magazine, May/June.

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