7-Eleven empowers schools to recycle cups

    CupRescue participants Toorak College

    (Feature image: CupRescue picture one Angus McKay and Rob Pascoe)

    Through 7-Eleven’s #CupRescue Schools Program, students around Australia will have access to free infrastructure to help them rescue single-use cups from landfill.

    “Young people are the voice in many households and communities challenging us on the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill bin,” 7-Eleven CEO & Managing Director, Angus McKay says.

    “That is certainly the case for me, and for many others in the 7-Eleven team.

    “We decided to engage young Australians to lead the way in their communities by developing a program that gave schools and students practical tools to empower them to make a difference.”

    Mr McKay says that 50 schools have partnered with 7-Eleven since the launch, however it’s just the start.

    “We’re asking any high school that is willing to collect cups and drop them back to their local 7-Eleven to sign up via

    “We’ll provide participating schools with free cup collection units to enable students and staff to collect cups at their school. All the school needs to do is collect cups and drop them off at their partnering 7-Eleven store.”

    7-Eleven partnered with Simply Cups in 2018, and have since saved more than 16 million cups from landfill.

    “We’ve installed cup recycling units in more than 660 7-Eleven stores across Australia. But we want to do more. We want to change community habits so that firstly, as many customers as possible use reusable cups, and that we recycle at least as many single-use cups as our customers use each year,” says Mr McKay.

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