7-Eleven adds cola flavour to Slurpee Low Sugar Range

7-Eleven’s Slurpee has launched Low Sugar Cola as part of the new look Slurpee Low Sugar Range.

Low Sugar Cola joins other flavours such as grape, pineapple passion and mango, with more flavours being launched throughout summer.

The range is claimed to be the only low sugar frozen carbonated beverage available in Australia. It is said to contain just one-fifth of a teaspoon of sugar in a large cup (less than one per cent).

Providing Aussies with more choice

7-Eleven Chief Executive Officer Angus McKay says the expansion of the new Low Sugar range is cementing the company’s ongoing commitment to provide Australians with more choice.

“Customers have been asking us for options and we have invested in years of research and development to meet their requests across our food and drink range,” he said.

“Cola is our most purchased Slurpee, so we are excited to now be giving Australian’s the option to buy the very first Low Sugar Cola flavoured Slurpee.

“We are committed to providing customers with more choice when it comes to food on the go.

“The relaunch and expansion of the Slurpee Low Sugar range is just another step in providing customer awareness that we have a wide range of food choices available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Sustainability progress

Earlier this year, 7-Eleven and Simply Cups launched a cup recycling program which has rescued more than 2.5 million cups from landfill.

Consumers can recycle their Slurpee and coffee cups as well as plastic straws at dedicated recycling stations in 200 7-Eleven stores across the country.

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